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We are not able to make page content blank once text added/updated.

Once we added content in Edit page then we are not able to make it blank again.

Last Commit tested

1 2 3 4 commit 0a6d8dd621ec787c24e3e56ab397c52b4820ce55 Merge: e5c3c80 ca09e38 Author: Ding-Yi Chen <dingyichen@gmail.com> Date: Tue Nov 15 15:02:35 2016 +1000

Steps to Reproduce

  • Open an local zanata instance.

  • Login with admin

  • You will see the home page.

  • Click on Edit Page Content.

  • Enter any text line e.g "Welcome to Zanata Platform"

  • Click on Update.

  • Again click on Edit Page Content.

  • Delete the all text/make text box blank.

  • Click on Update.

  • Observe that page content is still there on home page.

Actual :

  • We are not able to make page content blank, once we added any text/String.

Expected :

  • We should able to set page content as blank, as before editing it was blank.

  • If there is any page content already added,then after clicking on edit page content previous text should have to show in edit box.


  • Attached screen recording for more ref.



Alex Eng


Sachin Pathare

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