Migrate all atomic into bootstrap css


Since there are multiple branches I have been working on, and the css hasn't been merged into master before continuing onto the next branch - the css refactoring (less variables and class names for consistency) is best left until is merged, as well as which includes a few important layout fixes.

This is because if I change it now, it will affect other pages in master (such as the languages page). So once the containers are done and all pushed to master then I will

  • work on making the classnames more consistent (will use hyphens instead of camel case as this is what bootstrap uses)

  • adding more variables (for colours and margins, repeated padding etc)

  • making sure that classes are reused where possible

This will include all xhtml files which uses atomic css class from zanata-ui.


Kathryn Gough
February 9, 2017, 10:43 AM

Aha. That might have something to do with a bug I found in some of the other non react pages. I shall look at that soon. Thanks for picking that up!

Alex Eng
February 9, 2017, 10:28 AM

Found issue that might failed one of the test: ManageUsersTest.disableAUsersAccount

Login -> Administration -> Manage users -> Go into one of the user detail screen
Enlarge your browser until some of the screen is cut off, scrollbar missing.

Or go to Administration -> Server configuration
Enlarge your browser until some of the screen is cut off, scrollbar is there, but it only scrolls right side of the screen, not the side bar. Menu on the bottom of the sidebar is not accessible.

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