left menu panel is not continued with scrolling page on explore,glossary and languages.


If there are more items/search/glossary_term/language in list then the left menu panel is not continued with the scrolling page.
i.e if we have 20 to 50 glossary term on page and while scrolling the left menu panel not continued it shows blank on next scroll page.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login to zanata.

  • Click on explore page.

  • If you have an more project/user then scroll down the explore page and observe the left panel behave.

  • click on glossary from left menu.

  • Select show 20 or 50 per page.

  • Scroll the page using mouse and observe left menus panel.

  • click on languages.

  • select 30 to 50 languages per page.

  • Observe the left menu panel.

Actual Result:

  • left menu panel is not continued while scrolling on explore, glossary and language page.

Expected Result

  • The left menu panel have to be continued with scrolling page (on explore,glossary,language).

  • As left panel continues on Admin -> manage users page while scrolling.

  • On glossary page the top headers are stable/constant while scrolling, it will be good if we have an left menu panel also stable/constant or fixed for scrolling page. so that while scrolled we can also click directly on menus.


  • Attached screen captured and video for more ref.


fedora + firefox 50.1


Alex Eng


Sachin Pathare

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