Add Glossary Tab to Editor Sidebar


Add Glossary tab to Editor - and button next to TM Suggestions one with glossary count

  • Backend api is already implemented (glossary page)

  • integrate with glossary api

  • Get glossary suggestions when an entry is selected

  • Readonly from editor

  • Plural - need to check on how GWT editor is handling it (should be on the selected pluralform)

    • GWT editor just joins all the plural forms with a space between and uses that


Kathryn Gough
March 21, 2017, 3:28 AM

Yes that button should toggle the glossary panel. And it should show the results for that term

When the glossary search term is changed manually, the icon count should not change. I think we should have a count as a label next to the Glossary tab header which shows the search results. And if a translation is selected, the count should be the number in the icon.


(icon) Glossary (2)

(icon) Glossary (5)

Does this make sense?

If no term is selected, or no search is run, the icon should be shown in the translation panel with no number, and the glossary label should be hidden. This allows the user to still open the glossary from the translation panel, so they can run searches if they like.

David Mason
March 20, 2017, 1:34 AM

Here are the design items discussed in person, for reference:

in frontend/app/editor/containers/GlossaryTab.js

  • "No results": replace plain string with a properly styled element/component

  • "Searching" indicator: replace with loader or similar

  • "'Enter text to search'": replace plain string with a properly styled element/component

  • Height of the sidebar contents is greater than available screen height. It looks like the height of the tab contents is 100%, then there are the tab handles themselves and the detail info increasing the height above 100%.

One more I forgot to bring up: what is the expected behaviour for the glossary indicator on the selected phrase? I presume it should toggle the glossary panel the same as the button in the header. As far as the number, it should obviously show how many results return from the glossary search that happens automatically when the row is selected. What about when the glossary search text is changed manually, should it update to however many results are returned from that search? What should be shown initially, before that glossary search has returned any results?

Kathryn Gough
March 19, 2017, 8:51 AM

, the Text react component has a prop for ellipses in the middle of text, so I will play with this tomorrow.

David Mason
March 18, 2017, 5:35 AM

I put some dummy data in and it is not behaving well with long words.

Also if a term is made up of multiple words they can wrap and it is difficult to distinguish between one wrapped term and two separate terms. e.g. in this screenshot, "sweep" looks like a new term but is part of "head district chimney sweep". A real-world example of a multiple-word term is "Red Hat Enterprise Linux".

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