Report statistics about fuzzy/translated/approved strings copied by TM Merge


Language service providers apply different rates for fuzzy matches in different percentage ranges.
To be able to calculate the cost, the project statistics need to be broken down.

Generate a summary page after TM merge for a project version that outlines the words copied in different state and breakdown of fuzzy strings copied with matching percentage. The fuzzy band can be static, or configurable depending on development time.

1) A configurable range of percentage by admin.
2) Be able to export the summary page into a shareable format. e.g. PDF


  • This only applies to TM merge function in the project version page. Will apply to the TM Merge in the editor if they share the same backend code. UPDATE: bad news: they don't!

  • Sends report through email to the requester at the end of the process

  • Notify requestor (e.g. a message in the modal) that a report will be sent to their email when the process is complete.

  • Fuzzy band configuration

    • Global set of band that can be configured by admin

    • allow the requester to customise the band in the TM merge modal (use the global config as default)

    • -Or project level band configuration - maintained by project maintainer.-

  • Future enhancement

    • Report in PDF format

    • Archive reports

    • Enhance the frontend to keep the states of the process and display the report when the process is complete.

    • Multiple vendors configuration (different band), allows project maintainer to select from vendors list


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