Glossary fails trying to enter translations for homographs


Two source glossary terms with the same spelling and part of speech can be entered, but there is an error when trying to translate them. It looks like we have too strict a constraint violation or we have not keyed the translations properly.

I tried to reproduce this again but can't seem to get the same wrong state. I entered "Red Hat" with part of speech "Noun" with a translation, then I added "Red Hat" as a "Noun" again, both times without a description. Now when I try to add a translation to the second one it shows an error (see screenshot) and logs an error on the server (see attached .log).

When I try to reproduce by creating duplicate entries, with or without a description, a message indicates the duplicated entry is created but there is still only a single entry shown. Refreshing the glossary page does not make a second entry show up.

To try to reproduce:

  • Log in as a user with glossary edit permission

  • Navigate to the glossary (click "Glossary" in the sidebar)

  • Add a term

  • Add the same term with the same part of speech

  • At this point you may see the term twice, but I was not able to reproduce this a second time

  • Try to enter translations in both the terms






David Mason

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