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Gettext "Language" header should separate language and country with underscore

I've noticed a strange issue whereby for Brazilian Portuguese, the "Language" field in the generated gettext file is: "Language: pt-BR\n"

For other county-specific languages, such as Mexican Spanish, the "Language" field in the generated file is: "Language: es_MX\n"

Polish (Poland) is: "Language: pl_PL\n"

We are using android2po to convert between gettext and Android strings.xml (as the feature request to add Android support has been open for some time), and this issue is causing our process to break as it expects an underscore between language and country codes.

Is there as reason pt-BR is different than others? We do not have any aliases set up, and setting one up ("pt_BR") does not resolve the issue.

Using current release branch, v 4.2.2-SNAPSHOT.



Kieran Caplice


Kieran Caplice

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