Profile page should not render anything with inactive/non-existing account


1) Select an account that is not active (can disabled by admin)
2) Go to /profile/view/{username}

Expected result

  • Person not found

  • redirect to your profile page (with updated url too) if logged in

Actual result

  • The profile page load with the disabled account information

Side note:
Tried with non-exisiting username on the url

  • the page will load with partial informat and a noticiation of "we were unable to load user info "

  • if you're not logged in, this will show an empty page, with a notification of "user cannot be found".


David Mason
August 17, 2017, 5:26 AM

A redirect to the current user's profile would be unexpected. Either they have followed a link (probably bookmarked) to a different user's profile, or they typed in the username for the other user, maybe with a typo. They are expecting the different user information to show, so they could easily see their own contribution graph and confuse it as being contributions by the user they were trying to look up.

To avoid confusion and give people a chance to update their bookmarks or fix a typo, we should show a 404 page when the username is not found, and either a 404 page or a notice when the user is disabled (depending what we mean by disabled). The 404 page can have a clear message that there is no user with that username on the server. The 404 page can easily have a link to their own profile in case that is what they meant to find, and we could show a list of links to profiles with similar usernames in case it is a typo.

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