Frontend Internationalization Workflow


Finalize a functional localization workflow for the Zanata frontend.
1. Configure local extract-messages script
2. Disable react-intl message extraction
3. Make en-us or en language file the default
4. Create scripts to push/pull translated messages files to/from Zanata *

Configured zanata-frontend/zanata.xml and pom.xml to include the frontend messages in the existing translations push script.
The currently running version of does not support the messages json files.
Once has been upgraded, we can test the workflow for push/pull of zanata frontend translations.

Tested the workflow with a local rundev Zanata instance, created some new Japanese language translations for the Activity Panel.
These can be observed by changing the application language to Japanese from the "More" options page, and loading/refreshing the react editor.

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Earl Mark Floden


Earl Mark Floden


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