Add new language uses the search text instead of the selected locale


When a search is typed in the "Add New Language" dialog, then a locale is selected from the suggestion list, the dialog shows all the details of the selected locale, but when saved the locale code and other details are just based on whatever was typed before selecting the locale.

To reproduce:

1. Sign in as admin and navigate to languages page
2. In "..." menu, select "Add New Language"
3. Type "a" into the search field, wait for results
4. Click on "af Afrikaans", note that name, language code and native name all have appropriate values
5. Click "Save"

Actual results:
Language list does not show "Afrikaans", instead a language named "a" is shown, with language code "a" and native name "a".

Expected results:
Afrikaans is added with correct code, name and native name.




Ding-Yi Chen
November 30, 2015, 6:21 AM

This might lead to data corruption, so priority "high" is appropriate.

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Alex Eng


David Mason