Remove GWT editor


The GWT editor represents a load of extra maintanance and technical debt. It also slows down our server builds noticeably. We should get the new editor up-to-scratch ASAP so we can return to maintaining just a single codebase.

We need to have all the features that we support implemented in the new editor before we can drop the old one.

The full supported feature list is in ZNTA-36, relevant features that are not blockers for are shown here:

Feature we may want to implement before the switching editor to default

  1. Show reference translations from another language

  2. Improved "Undo". Undo is available in the new editor, but only until the next save. In the old editor, undo is available as long as there is a previous version to revert to.

  3. TM merge (replace with auto-fill). Before this is implemented, translators would still be able to run TM merge in the old editor. This may be too much of an annoyance though. Instant-TM may also offset the need for this.

  4. Phrase (exact) search. Fuzzy search should rank exact matches at the top anyway, so exact-only search does not seem crucial.

  5. Concurrent editing information (which users are working on which strings, are they typing, etc.)

Features to implement to cover all use-cases

Can implement these after the switch.

  1. Allow multi-field search to be saved as personal filters.

  2. Advanced search dropdown

  3. Replacement for project-wide search & replace:

    1. Allow multiple-document selection for editing

    2. Allow "replace" in searches that include text

  4. Allow translation download & upload in document list

  5. Add text flow details panel for TM match details (extra level of detail, not available in old editor).

  6. Instant TM (entered translations available immediately as TM matches, TM matches pre-fetched so they show up instantly when a row is selected).

  7. Glossary (inline definitions of words, with option to open panel)

  8. Improve validations so errors are shown in the string



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