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  1. ZNTA-2730

Progressively degrading performance saving MT to database


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      MT performance seems to worsen the longer it continues, for larger documents.
      The time it takes to process the translations in a (Hibernate?) request at org.zanata.service.impl.TranslationServiceImpl#translate(...) seems to increase from 500~1000 every use, suggesting there's a cache or leak in this area.

      The debugging shows:

      02:53:44,330 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1) Starting batch 0-1000
      02:53:44,336 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1) Sending batch 0-1000
      02:53:46,993 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1) Received response [1000] (2654)
      02:53:46,993 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)   Saving in a batch
      02:53:46,993 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Saving batch 0-100
      02:53:46,993 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Transaction...
      02:53:46,996 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Creating save requests...
      02:53:49,518 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Done creating (2522)
      02:53:49,519 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Committing translations...
      02:53:49,599 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)         Processing translations...
      02:53:56,063 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)           Done processing (6463)
      02:53:56,141 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Done committing translations.
      02:53:56,510 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)   Done transaction 100-100(9517)
      02:53:56,510 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Saving batch 100-200
      02:53:56,510 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Transaction...
      02:53:56,511 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Creating save requests...
      02:53:59,692 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Done creating (3180)
      02:53:59,692 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Committing translations...
      02:53:59,694 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)         Processing translations...
      02:54:06,895 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)           Done processing (7201)
      02:54:06,897 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Done committing translations.
      02:54:07,005 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)   Done transaction 200-200(10495)
      02:54:07,005 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Saving batch 200-300
      02:54:07,005 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Transaction...
      02:54:07,005 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Creating save requests...
      02:54:10,214 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Done creating (3209)
      02:54:10,214 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Committing translations...
      02:54:10,216 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)         Processing translations...
      02:54:18,078 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)           Done processing (7862)
      02:54:18,079 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Done committing translations.
      02:54:18,236 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)   Done transaction 300-300(11231)
      02:54:18,236 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Saving batch 300-400
      02:54:18,236 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Transaction...
      02:54:18,237 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Creating save requests...
      02:54:21,858 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)       Done creating (3621)
      02:54:21,858 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Committing translations...
      02:54:21,860 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)         Processing translations...
      02:54:31,698 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)           Done processing (9838)
      02:54:31,700 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)     Done committing translations.
      02:54:31,934 INFO  [stdout] (pool-11-thread-1)   Done transaction 400-400(13698)

      Explanation: (^^ means return to)

      Sending batch 0-1000 sending a batch of 1000 textflows to MT provider
      Received response [ batch size] (time) time taken to receive the result

      Saving in a batch immediately before the batch loop
      Saving batch x-y immediately before sublist
      Transaction... immediately before try { transaction.run(() ->

      Creating save requests... before process loop
      Done creating (time) time taken to create the list of TransUnitUpdateRequest

      org.zanata.service.impl.MachineTranslationServiceImpl#saveTranslationsInBatches ^^
      Committing translations... immediately before translationService.translate(targetLocale.getLocaleId(), updateRequests);

      org.zanata.service.impl.TranslationServiceImpl#translate(org.zanata.common.LocaleId, java.util.List<org.zanata.webtrans.shared.model.TransUnitUpdateRequest>, boolean)
      Processing translations... before for (TransUnitUpdateRequest request : translationRequests) {
      Done processing (time) time taken to process the requests in loop

      org.zanata.service.impl.MachineTranslationServiceImpl#saveTranslationsInBatches ^^
      Done committing translations. immediately after translationService.translate
      Done transaction 100-100(time) loop iteration finished
      Done batches all results processed




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